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The 13th International Multi-Conference on
Complexity, Informatics and Cybernetics: IMCIC 2022©
March 8 - 11, 2022  ~  Virtual Conference
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Biomedical Engineering - (0000003) (IMCIC)
Organizers: Shigehiro Hashimoto and Hirotoshi Hishida (Japan)
''Basic Study on Evaluation of Earphone Hearing Loss - Audiogram Database for Ear Age Estimation -''
Hishida, Hirotoshi; Watanabe, Tomoki; Fujii, Yamato; Hishida, Yasuhiro; Hishida, Keiko (Japan)

''Basic Study on the Mechanism of Earphone Hearing loss - Results of Ear Age Measurement Experiment Conducted in 2021 -''
Hishida, Hirotoshi; Fujii, Yamato; Hishida, Keiko; Watanabe, Tomoki; Hishida, Yasuhiro (Japan)

''Behavior of Myoblasts in Two-Dimensional Colony Under Shear Flow Field''
Hashimoto, Shigehiro; Yokomizo, Takashi; Endo, Yuji (Japan)

''Bumping Movement of Cell Flowing Over Oblique Micro-Groove: Comparison with Movement Outside Groove''
Hashimoto, Shigehiro; Matsumoto, Taketo; Uehara, Shogo; Endo, Yoshiaki (Japan)

''Direction of Cell Deformation During Microgap Passage''
Hashimoto, Shigehiro; Shimada, Sakyo; Uehara, Shogo (Japan)

''Effect of Wall Shear Stress Gradient on Cell: Distribution of Deformation and Rotation''
Yonezawa, Hiroki; Hashimoto, Shigehiro; Ono, Ryuya (Japan)

''Hysteresis Effect of Tangential Force Field on Cell Deformation on Micro-striped Topography: Behavior of Cell Migrating Between Different Pattern Compartments''
Hashimoto, Shigehiro; Sekine, Wataru; Yonezawa, Hiroki; Endo, Yuji (Japan)

''Music Database for Earphone Hearing Loss Prevention and Music Therapy - American Musical Songs -''
Hishida, Hirotoshi; Komatsu, Yoshihiro; Nomura, Tomohiro; Hishida, Yasuhiro; Hishida, Keiko (Japan)

''Music Database for Earphone Hearing Loss Prevention and Music Therapy - Development Policy of the Earphone That Can Prevent Hearing Loss -''
Nomura, Tomohiro; Hishida, Hirotoshi; Fujii, Yamato (Japan)

''Proposal of Food Recognition Function Added to the System That Automatically Calculates the Calorie Value of Ingredients''
Namekawa, Emi; Hishida, Hirotoshi (Japan)

''Tracking Local Contractile Movement of Myotubes Layer Using Matrix Pattern Markers Microfabricated on Rear Side of Scaffold Thin Film''
Endo, Yoshiaki; Hashimoto, Shigehiro; Horiguchi, Fumiya (Japan)

Ciencias de la Complejidad (CICIC)
''Diseño e Implementación de un Prototipo de una Máquina Empaquetadora para las MYPES de la Ciudad de Trujillo''
León León, Ryan Abraham; Carranza Inga, Daniela Estefany; Morera Quiroz, Cindy Nicoll; Paredes Cárdenas, Chantall Anabelén (Peru)

''Representação ou Interpretação: Qual a Importância desses Conceitos no Processo de Aprendizagem?''
Gomes da Silva, Mariana; Medhat Pechliye, Magda (Brazil)

Communication and Network Systems, Technologies and Applications (IMCIC)
''Design and Basic Evaluation of Virtual IPv4 Based CYPHONIC Adapter''
Goto, Ren; Yoshikawa, Taiki; Komura, Hijiri; Matama, Kazushige; Nishiwaki, Chihiro; Naito, Katsuhiro (Japan)

''Smart Pole Connectivity via the fusion of IoT, AI, and 5G''
Tung, Yi-Chih; Lin, Yi-Nan; Ho, Chih-Hsiang; Chen, Cheng-Chang (Taiwan)

''The Phenomenon of Traditional Masculinity and Its Impact on Advertising: A Qualitative Study Based on Consumer Engagement in Digital Environment''
Kreicbergs, Toms; Ščeulovs, Deniss; Andersone, Ieva (Latvia)

Complexity (IMCIC)
''A New Look at the Psychology Lab – Diagnostics and Competencies of the Future''
Dobrowolska, Malgorzata; Ślazyk-Sobol, Magdalena; Gąsiorek, Damian; Pieloch, Anna (Poland)

''Catassemblers Mediate Feedback Loops to Regulate the Complex Molecular Assembly Networks''
Qu, Hang; Yang, Liu-Lin; Cao, Xiao-Yu; Xu, Xin; Tian, Zhong-Qun (China)

''Efficient Implementation of Transparency Order Using TMTO Approach with Gray Code Enumeration Technique in F2m''
Mishra, Prasanna R.; Gupta, Nupur; Gaba, Navneet (India)

''Graph Sampling Through Graph Decomposition and Reconstruction Based on Kronecker Graphs''
Lu, Shen; Piegl, Les; Segall, Richard S. (United States)

''Smart Grid System for Real-Time Adaptive Utility Management in Smart Cities''
Kozhevnikov, Sergei*; Svitek, Miroslav*; Skobelev, Petr** (*Czech Republic, **Russian Federation)

Computer Science and Engineering (IMCIC)
''An IoT Based Landslide Monitoring and Fuzzy Logic Driven Early Warning System''
Harerimana, Felix; Musabe, Richard; Mikeka, Chomora (Rwanda)

''Application of Artificial Neural Networks to Obtain Steel Mass Loss Models for Atmospheric Corrosion in the Metropolitan Area of Mexico City''
Bolaños-Rodríguez, Ernesto; Lezama-León, Evangelina; Vega-Cano, Gaby Yolanda; Solís-Galindo, Alonso Ernesto; Acuña-Galván, Israel; Zárate-Rosas, Antonio; Pérez-Torres, Iván Gabriel (Mexico)

''Investigating Data Risk Considerations in Emergent Cyber Physical Production Systems''
Ward, Gerard; Janczewski, Lech (New Zealand)

''Learning Collective Intelligence Through Repeated Trials Without Feedback''
Arima, Yoshiko (Japan)

''Runtime Framework for Smartification Projects''
Amaral, Pedro; Calado, Jorge S.; Sarraipa, João; Jardim-Gonçalves, Ricardo (Portugal)

''Smart Cities, Sustainability, and Quality of Life – A Comparison of Indexes and the Indicators They Include''
Teixeira, João Vitor Souza*; Baracho, Renata Maria Abrantes*; Soergel, Dagobert** (*Brazil, **United States)

''Video Injection Attacks on Remote Digital Identity Verification Solution Using Face Recognition''
Carta, Kévin; Barral, Claude; El Mrabet, Nadia; Mouille, Stéfane (France)

''Vision Based Traffic Throughput Analysis with Object Detection and Trajectory Clustering''
Chew, Jia Hui Kenneth (Singapore)

Educación, Cibernética e Informática (CICIC)
''El Uso de las Tecnologías de Información y Comunicaciones y el Autoaprendizaje en la Asignatura de Ingeniería de Software de los Estudiantes de la Escuela Académico Profesional de Ingeniería Informática y Sistemas de la Universidad Nacional Micaela Bastid''
Luque Ochoa, Evelyn Naida; Álvarez Chávez, Willie; Meza Peña, Nelson Palemón; Aguirre Huillcas, Franklin; Huacani Calsin, Walquer; Luciano Alipio, Rober Aníbal; Pinto Pagaza, Daniel Amílcar (Peru)

''Estudio Comparativo del Estrés Laboral y Características del Docente en Tiempos de Pandemia: Perú-Colombia''
Yupari-Azabache, Irma L.*; Rabanal-León, Helen C.*; Guzmán-Cárdenas, Melany Z.**; Rodríguez-Azabache, Julio A.* (*Peru, **Colombia)

''Evaluación de la Calidad de Datos en un Sistema de Gestión Académica de una Universidad Peruana Basado en el Estándar ISO/IEC 25000''
Peralta Ascue, Marleny; Merma Aroni, José Luis; Soto Carrion, Carolina; Jimenez Mendoza, Wilber (Peru)

''Experiencia de la Aplicación del Aula Invertida y su Relación con el Rendimiento Académico''
Luque Ochoa, Evelyn Naida; Álvarez Chávez, Willie; Luciano Alipio, Rober Aníbal; Puga Peña, Percy Fritz; Pinto Pagaza, Amílcar; Meza Peña, Nelson Palemón; Huacani Calsin, Walquer (Peru)

''Modelo Logístico Ordinal de los Factores Asociados al Nivel de Uso de Recursos Digitales en Docentes Universitarios en el Contexto de la COVID-19''
Valverde-Urtecho, Alina del Rocío; Bardales-Aguirre, Lucía Beatríz; Solis-Trujillo, Beymar Pedro (Peru)

''Perfeccionamiento del Sistema Motor y Expresión de Capacidades en Escolares del Segundo Grado de Educación Primaria de las Unidades Pedagógicas Rurales y Urbanas, Abancay - Perú''
Jiménez Mendoza, Wilber; Soto Carrión, Carolina; Inca Cahuana, José Santos; Peralta Ascue, Marleny; Merma Aroni, José Luis; Urrutia Huaman, Rafael (Peru)

''Sistema Gestor de Información para Clínicas Odontológicas''
Cornejo-Gutiérrez, Fernando; Islas-Torres, Claudia; Franco-Casillas, Sergio (Mexico)

''Una Mirada Educomunicativa a los Programas Televisivos Ecuatorianos''
Carrión-Salinas, Gianella A.; Malo, Paola L.; Rivera-Rogel, Diana E. (Ecuador)

Education Research, Theories, Practice, and Innovations (ICETI)
''Blueprint for Inclusive Research & Development in Education: A Data-Driven Approach to Organize and Articulate Research Data Needs for Equitable Evaluation''
Pratihast, Susmita; Mote, Erin (United States)

''Future Ready Self-Directed Learning Students for a Successful Career''
Maheswarappa, Satish S. (India)

''Grammar Rules and Natural Language Understanding – How the Final Patterns Script Improves Performance of Chatbots''
Lee, Ron C. (United States)

''Impact of the Off-Campus Tutoring Industry on Engineering Education''
Zhang, Runing; He, Mingli (United States)

''Industry Connect Initiative Experience Report: Undergraduate Computer Science Courses''
Achee, Bonnie; Alkadi, Ghassan; McNulty, Matthew (United States)

''Teaching Mathematics and Statistics Using IT-Based Methods in the COVID-19 Era''
Tsami, Eleni; Rokopanos, Andreas; Skiadas, Petros (Greece)

''The Teaching of Mathematics and Its Contextualization With Engineering – A Study of Calculus Programs of a Chilean University''
Gaete-Peralta, Claudio (Chile)

Education: Concepts, Technologies and Methodologies (ICETI)
''Developing Preservice Teachers' Design Thinking Mindset Using Interactive Technology''
ElSayary, Areej (United Arab Emirates)

''Moodle Tests: Not So Much of a Fuss When You Have R''
Miranda, M. Cristina; Rocha, Anabela (Portugal)

''The Use of Mixed-Methods as a Research Strategy in Information Systems Studies''
Shaanika, Irja N. (Namibia)

''Use of Testing Dojo as a Methodology of Collaborative Learning in Teaching Testcase Writing: An Experience Report''
Meireles, Maria A. C.; Filho, Alexandre R. L.; Lima, Ketlen R. da S.; Ferraz, Luiz Gustavo de C.; Batista, Fabricio A.; Barros, Francisco Caio P. de; Chaves, Lennon C.; Souza, Camilo de; Roque, Lidia F. N. de Melo (Brazil)

Experiencias de Trabajo Académico en las Aulas Virtuales - (0000003) (CICIC)
Organizers: Elena Fabiola Ruiz-Ledesma and Lorena Chavarría-Báez (Mexico)
''Análisis del Desempeño Académico de los Estudiantes de Bases de Datos Durante el Confinamiento''
Chavarría-Báez, Lorena; Ruiz-Ledesma, Elena F.; Palma-Orozco, Rosaura (Mexico)

''Curso de Cómputo Evolutivo en ESCOM-IPN Durante la Pandemia de Coronavirus COVID-19''
Rosas-Trigueros, Jorge L.; Palma-Orozco, Rosaura; Palma-Orozco, Gisela (Mexico)

''Efectos del Empleo de Kahoot en la Evaluación de Matemáticas en la Educación a Distancia''
Ruiz-Ledesma, Elena F.; Chavarría-Báez, Lorena; Palma-Orozco, Rosaura (Mexico)

''Enseñanza y Aprendizaje en un Sistema Virtual e Híbrido del Laboratorio de Termodinámica a Nivel Superior en la UPIBI''
Palma-Orozco, Gisela; Orozco-Álvarez, Carlos; Rosas-Trigueros, Jorge L.; Palma-Orozco, Rosaura (Mexico)

''Experiencias Académicas en la ESCOM-IPN Usando Teams como Aula Virtual''
Palma-Orozco, Rosaura; Rosas-Trigueros, Jorge L.; Palma-Orozco, Gisela (Mexico)

''Experiencias Docentes al Emplear Moodle en sus Clases a Distancia''
Gutiérrez-García, Juan J.; Flores-Guzmán, Jessie P.; Ruiz-Ledesma, Elena F. (Mexico)

''Propuesta de Recursos Lúdicos en el Área de Matemáticas''
García, Iván M.; Ruiz-Ledesma, Elena F.; Acosta-Gonzaga, Elizabeth (Mexico)

''Reflexiones sobre la Enseñanza Virtual en la ESCOM-IPN''
Palma-Orozco, Rosaura; Ruiz-Ledesma, Elena F.; Chavarría-Báez, Lorena (Mexico)

ICT and Academic Globalization (IMCIC)
''Towards the University of the Future: Quo Vadis Academia?''
Pokojska, Justyna (Poland)

ICT Applications in Education (IMCIC)
''Active Learning Implementation as Digital Education Strategy During the COVID-19''
Suarez-Escalona, Ruben; Estrada-Dominguez, Jesus Eduardo; Infante-Alcantara, Lizbeth; Cavazos-Salazar, Rosario Lucero; Treviño-Rodriguez, Francisco Javier (Mexico)

''Educational Strategies in a Neuro Facility: Virtual Course in Encephalic Vascularization''
Martins, Joana; Acioly, Mariana; Fragoso, Viviane; Maciel, Flaviana; Mattoso, Ana Beatriz; Rumão, Valdenice; Martins, Carolina (Brazil)

''Interdisciplinary and Universal Digital Competence for Foreign Languages Education''
Makhachashvili, Rusudan; Semenist, Ivan (Ukraine)

''Manuscript Matcher: A Tool for Finding the Best Journal''
Nam, Nguyen Danh; Trung, Tran; Trung, Nguyen Tien; Thao, Trinh Phuong Thi (Vietnam)

''Teaching Digital Competences: Census in a Public University in Northeastern Mexico''
Estrada-Domínguez, Jesús Eduardo; Suárez-Escalona, Rubén; Veliz-Salazar, Miriam Iliana; Cavazos-Salazar, Rosario Lucero (Mexico)

''The Role of Erasmus+ Project Leaders' Digital Competences in Sustaining European Transnational Cooperation During COVID-19 Pandemic''
Poszytek, Paweł; Fila, Jadwiga (Poland)

''Theoretical Foundations and Practical Applications of e-Volunteering Within the European Solidarity Corps During the Outbreak of COVID-19 Pandemic in Poland''
Jeżowski, Mateusz; Poszytek, Paweł (Poland)

ICT Applications in Health Care and Bio-Medical ICT (IMCIC)
''Business Intelligence as a Support for Epidemiological Surveillance in Veneto (North-Eastern Italy): The Case of West Nile Disease''
Cunial, Giovanni; Gagliazzo, Laura; Pasqualin, Dario; Callegaro, Azzurra; Di Martino, Guido; Mazzucato, Matteo; Mulatti, Paolo; Favero, Laura; Manca, Grazia (Italy)

''Health Disparities and COVID-19''
Shafer, Fiona; Nelson, Christie (United States)

Impact of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) on Societies (ICSIT)
''IoT Based Smart Systems using Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI): Vulnerabilities and Intelligent Solutions''
Ahmed, Shaftab*; Ilyas, Mohammad**; Raja, M. Yasin Akhtar** (*Pakistan, **United States)

''Mind the Gap: Designing an Open-Source Digital Privacy Course''
Robertson, Lorayne; Muirhead, Bill; Leatham, Heather; Robertson, James (Canada)

''Privacy of Data Against the Challenges of Information Technology from the Perspective of the Normative Regulation of GDPAR – Aspects of Security During the Processing of Personal Data''
Rupa, Yllka (Albania)

''Websites Accessibility Compliance of Official Agencies for Disabilities''
Khasawneh, Baha A. (Jordan)

Informática (CICIC)
''Algoritmo de Reconocimiento de Patrones de Imágenes Digitales Implementados en Web Service para la Búsqueda de Textos Bibliográficos''
Fuentes Huamán, Yhon; Peralta Ascue, Marleny; Merma Aroni, José Luis; Soto Carrion, Carolina; Jimenez Mendoza, Wilber (Peru)

''Aplicación Móvil Multiplataforma Basado en Redes Neuronales para Mejorar el Aprendizaje del Lenguaje de Señas en una Oficina Municipal de Atención a las Personas con Discapacidad''
Castillo-Portales, Robert A.; Díaz-Nureña, Rommel J.; Cieza-Mostacero, Segundo E.; Pacheco-Torres, Juan F. (Peru)

''Diseño del Plan de Desarrollo Turístico de la Región Junín''
Barrionuevo Inca Roca, Yavell A.; Barrionuevo Inca Roca, Yamill A.; Aliaga Tabraj, Wilmer A. (Peru)

''El Conectivismo Implicado en el Desarrollo de Habilidades Cognitivas Superiores en Procesos Formativos: Un Gestor de Instrumentos''
Islas Torres, Claudia; Martínez Guzmán, Jonathan J.; Carranza Alcántar, María R. (Mexico)

''Modelo para la Adopción de Frameworks de Escalamiento Ágiles en las Empresas del Sector Bancario de Perú''
Canales, Andy Jhorzis; Ore, Aldair Steve; Barrientos, Alfredo; Cuadros, Miguel (Peru)

Informática y Cibernética Aplicadas a la Ciencia y la Ingeniería (CICIC)
''Aplicación Móvil Multiplataforma para Mejorar el Proceso de Reserva en un Hotel''
Cedeño-Pando, Erick D.; Guevara-Rodriguez, Luis F.; Cieza-Mostacero, Segundo E.; Pacheco-Torres, Juan F. (Peru)

''Aplicación Móvil Multiplataforma para Mejorar el Proceso de Transporte en una Asociación de Mototaxi''
Cahuana-Mendoza, Gonzalo S.; Ramírez-Grónert, César A.; Cieza-Mostacero, Segundo E.; Cotrina-Linares De Quezada, Janina (Peru)

''Computación Heterogénea y FPGAs como Aceleradores Eficientes''
Valdez, Rogelio; Maldonado, Yazmin (Mexico)

''Implementación de la Gestión por Procesos en la Gestión de Ventas de una Empresa Metalmecánica''
Cieza-Mostacero, Segundo E.; González-Castro, Jeanette B. (Peru)

''Sistema de Ventilación para Optimizar las Operaciones en la Integración de Dos Unidades de Producción en una Empresa Minera, La Libertad 2021''
Gomez De La Torre Hernandez, Arturo; Alcala Adrianzen, Miguel Enrique (Peru)

Informatics (IMCIC)
''A Study in Performing Big Data Analytics with Limited Resources''
Mathis, Steven; Coffey, John (United States)

''GANs and TL: Is the Combination Better than the Sum of its Parts? – Promises and Challenges of Deep Learning Applications in Medical Image Analysis for Long-Term Impact''
Sutrave, Kruttika; Zeng, David; Godasu, Rajesh (United States)

''Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reductions Enabled by Digital Twins''
McNair, William Randell; Devarakonda, Maruthi (United States)

''Salient Patch Based NAS for Grading of Colorectal Cancer Histology Images''
Meng, Hang; Li, Fei; Yang, Zhen; Zhu, Qiang; Fan, Chaogang; Zhan, Shu (China)

Ingeniería e Innovación Tecnológica (CICIC)
''Adaptación al Español y Validación de la Escala de Alineamiento Estratégico de TI''
López, Samantha; Timaná, Juan (Peru)

''Aplicación Móvil para Predecir la Probabilidad de Pertenecer al Grupo de Riesgo Cardiovascular Utilizando Machine Learning''
Chavez Olivera, Omar; Galindo Honores, Luis; Barrientos Padilla, Alfredo; Cuadros Galvez, Miguel (Peru)

''AR Beatbox Recording System: Aplicación Móvil para Incorporar Realidad Aumentada en la Composición del Beatbox''
Chuco, Katherin A.; Leon, Giancarlo A.; Barrientos, Alfredo; Cuadros, Miguel E. (Peru)

''Degradación Forestal por la Minería, Mediante Google Earth Engine Periodo 2000-2020 – Caso Manu, Madre de Dios''
Huacani Calsin, Walquer; Meza Peña, Nelson Palemón; Escobedo Silva, Feliciano; Vilca Mansilla, Edgar; Calizaya Llatasi, Elmer Elio; Calizaya Llatasi, Fredy Grimaldo; Huanca Checca, Fernando (Peru)

''Desarrollo de un In-Room Entertainment System con Amazon Alexa''
Aranibar Villegas, Kevin J.; Veliz Francia, José M.; Barrientos Padilla, Alfredo (Peru)

''La Transformación Digital y su Incidencia en el e-Commerce en Ecuador''
Espinosa-Vélez, María-Paula; Armijos-Buitrón, Verónica-Alexandra (Ecuador)

''Modelo de Madurez Ágil para Empresas del Sector Bancario''
Valencia, Fermat D.; Vega, Juan P.; Barrientos, Alfredo (Peru)

''Roadmap de Aprendizaje sobre Agilidad''
Astete Fores, Andersson; Chancahuaña Portella, Freddy F.; Barrientos Padilla, Alfredo (Peru)

''Simulación de un Sistema de Inventarios para la Determinación de Niveles de Reposición y de Servicios: Un caso de Estudio''
Pulido-Rojano, Alexander D.; Ballestas-Acosta, Carlos; Del-Castillo-Herrera, Kendry; Navarro-Rosales, Melany; Fuentes-Ávila, Tulia; Pizarro-Rada, Andrea; Rodriguez-Ospino, Yoharis (Colombia)

''Soluciones Tecnológicas para la Alerta y Difusión de Terremotos y Tsunamis en la Ciudad de Lima Metropolitana y Callao''
Perez, Erikson D.; Olivares, Alexander; Barrientos, Alfredo (Peru)

''Taxonomía de Metodologías y Marcos de Trabajo de Innovación y Gestión de Productos''
Campos Cabanillas, Alessandra del Carmen; Hurtado Angulo, Jonathan Harry; Barrientos Padilla, Alfredo (Peru)

''Taxonomía de Técnicas de Desarrollo de Pantallas Volumétricas''
Salazar Zegarra, Erick D.; Figueroa Salhuana, Manuel A.; Barrientos Padilla, Alfredo; Cuadros Gálvez, Miguel E. (Peru)

On-Line Education (ICETI)
''Comparing Students' Evaluation of Online, Hybrid, and Face-to-Face Classes''
Tu, Cindy Zhiling; Adkins, Joni (United States)

''Establishing Social, Cognitive and Teacher Presences to Develop Students' Digital Competencies Through Their Engagements in Online Learning''
ElSayary, Areej; Meda, Lawrence (United Arab Emirates)

''Factors Influence Students' Continuance Intention Toward Online Learning Transition After the COVID-19 Pandemic Unfolds''
Farsawang, Premika; Songkram, Noawanit (Thailand)

''Tips for Designing an Accessible and Inclusive Online Course''
Burgstahler, Sheryl (United States)

Sistemas/Tecnologías de Información y sus Aplicaciones (CICIC)
''AR Xtreme Training System at Home''
Soto, Daniela C.; Rojas, Oscar J.; Barrientos, Alfredo (Peru)

''Asistente Inteligente para Mejorar el Proceso de Atención en un Instituto Superior Tecnológico Público''
Salas-Rios, Angelo M.; Vega-Trujillo, Leonardo D.; Cieza-Mostacero, Segundo E.; Pacheco-Torres, Juan F. (Peru)

''Desarrollo de una Solución de Gestión de Contenidos sobre Digital Signage Utilizando Beacons y Facial Recognition Integrado a un IRES y Alexa''
Ponce, Fernando A.; Narrea, Diego; Barrientos, Alfredo (Peru)

''Desarrollo e Implementación de un Videojuego RTS en Red y para Windows PC''
Arauzo, Shiara R.; Landaverry, Jorge A.; Barrientos, Alfredo (Peru)

''Inteligencia Artificial Conversacional para el Diseño de un Asistente Virtual Interactivo''
Varela-Tapia, Eleanor A.; Sangacha-Tapia, Lady M.; Acosta-Guzmán, Iván L.; Celi-Párraga, Ricardo J. (Ecuador)

''Marco de Referencia de Ciberseguridad para Dispositivos de IoT Usando la Tecnología de IDS''
Espinosa Garrido, Carmen B.; Rosales Roldan, Luis (Mexico)

''Solución de Señalización Digital para la Personalización de Contenido Utilizando Reconocimiento Facial y Motor de Recomendaciones Basado en Filtrado Colaborativo''
Tarazona, Stefano G.; Gleixner, Pieter J.; Barrientos, Alfredo; Cuadros, Miguel E. (Peru)

The Academic Sector and the ICT (ICSIT)
''Using Quiz Scores to Measure Learning Outcomes''
Jordan, Paula (United States)

''Where Do We Go From Here? An Interdisciplinary Exploration of Leveraging New Technologies in Education''
Robertson, Lorayne; Muirhead, Bill (Canada)

Towards Business Sophistication and Sustainability - (0000004) (IMCIC)
Organizers: Natalja Lace and Elina Gaile-Sarkane (Latvia)
''A Study on Smart Education Promoting a Regional High-Quality Education System – A Case Study of Guizhou Province of China''
Qi, Si (China)

''Application of Blockchain Technology to Smart Sustainable Tourism Destination Marketing''
Liu, Yuan Yuan*; Lace, Natalja*; Chen, Lu Lu** (*Latvia, **China)

''Big Data Analytics Examining Push-Pull Motivations to Visit Sustainable Tourism Destinations''
Liu, Yuan Yuan*; Lace, Natalja*; Chen, Lu Lu** (*Latvia, **China)

''Changes in Generations X and Y Consumer Behavior Caused by the COVID-19 Pandemic''
Oganisjana, Karine*; Bąk, Monika**; Kozlovskis, Konstantins*; Andersone, Ieva* (*Latvia, **Poland)

''Digital Maturity and Value Capture of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises''
Kasperovica, Ludmila*; Lace, Natalja*; Ciemleja, Guna*; Tesarova, Mariana** (*Latvia, **Czech Republic)

''Ensuring Efficiency Through Employee Onboarding: Case From Latvia''
Koleda, Nadezda*; Ciemleja, Guna*; Strakova, Jarmila** (*Latvia, **Czech Republic)

''Factors Affecting Operational Activities of a Construction Company''
Locovs, Jevgenijs; Gaile-Sarkane, Elīna (Latvia)

Training Research, Theories, Practice, and Innovations (ICETI)
''In-Service Primary School Teachers' Affective-Motivational Dispositions Towards ICT Use in Geometry''
Grave-Gierlinger, Frederik; Jenßen, Lars; Eilerts, Katja (Germany)

''Phased Framework for Automated Educational Content Curation''
Smith, Katherine; Johnson, Jessica; Ayaz, Gul; Horner, Charis (United States)

Trans- and Inter-Disciplinary Research, Education, and Communication: IDREC (IMCIC)
''"Ambiti Bivalvi Veneto", the Website Dedicated to the Sanitary Status of Bivalve Molluscs Production Areas in Veneto Region''
Franzago, Eleonora; Cocco, Alessia; Toson, Marica; Casarotto, Claudia; Ruzza, Mirko; Manca, Grazia; Barbagli, Elena; Lunardi, Loris; Callegaro, Azzurra; Brichese, Michele; Valeri, Paolo; Cherubini, Giuseppe; Gottardo, Antonio; Ravarotto, Licia; Arcangeli, Giuseppe; Dalla Pozza, Manuela; Bille, Laura (Italy)

''An Interdisciplinary Approach for Environmental Sustainability: A New Metric for Land Use Estimation''
Albanesi, Maria Grazia (Italy)

''Applying for, Operating, and Renewing a Research Experience for Undergraduates Site Program in Computational Biology''
Qin, Hong (United States)

''Century Encounters: Freire & Morin in Dialogue with Permanent Health Education''
Moura-Vieira, Maria Edna*; Alves-Hopf, Simone**; Collado, José Tomas Real*; Hoefel, Maria da Graça Luderitz*** (*Spain, **Germany, ***Brazil)

''Competences of the Future as a Transdisciplinary Issue?''
Pokojska, Justyna (Poland)

''Contributions of Design Thinking in Inter and Transdisciplinary Communication, Research & Co-work Environment for Complex Problem Solving''
Caiado, Fátima; Springer, Leonardo (Portugal)

''Curator's Competency in the Indonesian Contemporary Art''
Jeon, Jeong Ok; Masunah, Juju; Milyartini, Rita (Indonesia)

''Design of a Referential Geolocation System and Evaluation of Its Integration to the Distance Diagnostic Coverage in Patients With Specific Pathologies''
Yegros, César; Recalde, Luciano; Nuñez, José (Paraguay)

''Development of a Digital Model of a Conventional Lathe Based on Augmented Reality for Training in a Machine Tool Workshop''
Cordero Guridi, José de Jesús; Cuautle Gutiérrez, Luis; García Tépox, José Domingo; Cervantes Terrazas, Aydee Guadalupe; Cruz Olivera, María Fernanda (Mexico)

''Envisioning New Virtual Spaces for Performance and Theatre Artists''
Srinivasan, Saikrishna; Schott, Gareth (New Zealand)

''Estimation of Drug Shell-Life Time Using Statistical Reliability Models''
Pons Murguía, Ramón A.; González del Pino, Eulalia M. Villa (Ecuador)

''Examining the Validity and Reliability of the Tribalism Scale at the Individual Level: The Case of Saudi Arabia''
Abdelrahim, Yousif; Alenezi, Marim (Saudi Arabia)

''Extracting Evolving Trend From Research Papers: A Meta-Analysis of X-Discipline Research in Higher Education''
Lee, Shao-Man; Wang, Hui-Hsin; Wang, Hsiang-Wen; Zhang, Qiong-Yun; Huang, Chi-Jung (Taiwan)

''FragView: An Educational Web Server for Visualizing Metabolite Fragmentation''
Kwak, Myungjae; Molina, Matthew; Arnold, Spencer; Woodward, Andrew; An, Jin-Young; Nuckels, Estelle; Wang, Yingfeng (United States)

''From Trans-Disciplinary Research to Trans-Domain Approaches''
Patry, Jean-Luc (Austria)

''Grammatical Evolution of Convolutional Neural Networks''
Cheng, Whei Wen; Tang, Cheng-Yuan; Wu, Yi-Leh (Taiwan)

''Innovative Educational Communication in the Global Digital Environment: Trans-Disciplinary Models, Tools, and Mechanisms''
Makhachashvili, Rusudan; Semenist, Ivan (Ukraine)

''STEP - SmarT Education Platform''
Novellino, Antonio; Bonofiglio, Luca; Cimmino, Vincenzo; Napoletani, Leonardo (Italy)

''The Experience With the REU-Sponsored Project on Predicting COVID-19 Pandemics Using Physics-Guided Graph Attention Networks''
Liang, Yu; Wu, Dalei (United States)

''The Impact of Intensive Use of ICT Tools on the Quality of Learning Outcomes and Communication Skills: Based on the Example of Online Foreign Language Teaching During the COVID-19 Pandemic in Croatia''
Baksa, Tanja; Luić, Ljerka (Croatia)

''The Importance of Balance of Power in a Free and Democratic Society''
Baça, Ferit (Albania)

''The Role of the Native Language Curriculum and School in the Language Development of Children''
Tahiri, Albana; Hadaj, Gilberta (Albania)


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